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The Vision

"Have you ever reflected on the first time you sensed your personal power? Or maybe just saw a spark of your purpose, the unique impact you offer to the world?

When I was twelve years old, growing up in the Minnesota countryside, I was once standing in my backyard and something struck me: I felt entirely connected to everything on Earth, in all its diversity, beauty and suffering. I had the unshakable sense that I would witness massive—even disruptive—change, yet this fear was met with a calling. From that point on, I dedicated myself to a life of service, pointing my compass towards building a better world.

Twenty-five ‘mission-driven’ years later, I have come to firmly believe that education is the world’s most powerful tool for personal transformation and societal change. I’ve seen education catalyze the unveiling of one’s power and potential for empathy, innovation and global citizenry.

This intention lies at the heart of EcoRise. With the right tools and opportunities, young people will envision and design a sustainable future for all. And while this is aspirational, we witness this phenomenon every day in our work. In hundreds of classrooms throughout the country, students are awakening to the knowledge that they are powerful agents of change who have the potential to transform the world.

We are living in an era defined by great change, opportunity and urgency. Now more than ever, we must cultivate young minds and hearts to be fluent in resiliency, creative problem-solving, and ethical leadership.

Rise with us to support sustainability education and Ignite Impact in our children’s classrooms.

-Gina LaMotte, Executive Director


Top left to right: Gina LaMotte (Founder & Executive Director), Jonathan Stott (Deputy Director), Richard W. Kincaid (Chief Innovation Officer), Jenji Henson (Chief of Curriculum Development), Christina Mirando (Chief Creative Designer)

Bottom left to right: Sarayu Adeni (Global Partnerships Manager), Christina Ceballos (Development and Operations Manager), Laura Fuller (Curriculum and Design Specialist), Kizzy Hannibal (Curriculum Specialist), Abby Randall (Program Manager)

The Product

EcoRise offers academically-aligned sustainability and design innovation curricula and support for elementary, middle, and high school teachers. They are particularly well-suited to strengthen and complement STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) and CTE (Career and Technical Education) courses, by offering interactive opportunities to apply knowledge and skills to relevant, real-world problems. alt Because EcoRise’s curriculum is customizable, teachers are able to easily integrate EcoRise lessons without sacrificing important material assessed on standardized tests.


Testimonial #1

We asked Ed Yoo, a teacher at Codman Academy, to share his honest review of EcoRise in the form of a Q&A Interview. He shares his responses below:

1.How did you learn about EcoRise?

"We actually have a very close connection through Jon Stott who was the former Dean of Students at my school. I didn't know him personally (he left before I joined the faculty) but was curious and reached out to him once I felt like I was ready to incorporate their curriculum into my classroom. I took their initial PD session and have been really excited about EcoRise ever since."

2.How do you utilize EcoRise's offerings in your classroom? What are the benefits?

"I have used their Eco-audit and Design Curriculum extensively in my AP biology classroom as part of a student led trimester long project concerning issues of the environment. Specifically, it provides a well thought out group based learning experience for my students to be the leaders of their own learning as they assess how my school uses its public spaces, food, and waste.

The framework and process is very flexible with a diverse range of learning experiences and protocols for my students to engage with one another. I get to pick and choose from a large suite of activities and protocols that fit the needs of the lesson and my students.

The Ecorise micro-grant applications allowed my students to be passionate designers of their own ideas and led to an authentic experience where they presented their ideas to the school administration. We are about to begin the three major projects that were funded.

Another component that is crucial is the support I get from the staff of Ecorise (email and conference calls) where they answered my questions really quickly. I also use the Ecorise Facebook group which is a forum where many other teachers share their ideas and questions with one another. Having that sense of community with other like minded teachers has been a great way to learn."

3.What would you say to another teacher who may be hesitant about trying a new #edtech product in their classroom?

"Ecorise is a flexible curriculum that you adapt to your own needs. The Ecorise audits and project grants are an amazing opportunity to connect the science class to activism at their school campus which is a powerful way to teach. It is also a community of support with other passionate science teachers that make all of this possible."

Testimonial #2

We also asked Kate Hoffner, a third grade teacher at Hill Elementary, to share her honest review of EcoRise in the form of a Q&A Interview. She shares her responses below:

1.How did you learn about EcoRise?

"I was looking to find support and innovation for the Green Team that I began at my school. I believe I was trolling the internet and came across the perfect match--EcoRise. Then, I was lucky enough to sign up for the Saturday curriculum training."

2.How do you utilize EcoRise's offerings in your classroom? What are the benefits?

I often modify the lessons for our elementary students and integrate those into my social studies units. They are hands on, incredibly applicable and the kids often have "ah hah" moments.

For our Green Team, we followed the Design Thinking Curriculum for our eco-audit and grant proposals. This type of problem solving is relevant and important for all types of learners."

3.What would you say to another teacher who may be hesitant about trying a new #edtech product in their classroom?

"Learn as you go! It's messy but you'll see the benefits later. Put the responsibility on the kids and they will truly learn and take ownership."

* Neither Ed nor Kate were compensated for this post

Because Every Cent Counts

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