PledgeCents Preferred Partner Highlight: myBlee Math


The Vision

The application was inspired by Laetitia’s search for a way to combine her passion for education with her enthusiasm and curiosity for technology and the future of learning.

The idea was always there, but the technology was always lacking in some way or another. Being a professor, Laetitia wanted to create a teaching tool that focused on user experience and interactive exercises. After discovering the iPad in 2010 during a summer vacation in Boston, Laetitia immediately bought one and started brainstorming, as she says, “It was revolutionary!”

Now that the technology was there, Laetitia needed to find a Tech Expert. That’s where Sam comes in! They met up and discussed the project. After deciding that it wasn’t so crazy after all, Sam and Laetitia officially became a team. In July 2011, myBlee Math was officially launched!

The name “myBlee” means “my best lesson ever”. We wanted to choose something inspiring but that sounded professional and would work internationally. It wasn’t easy, but we decided on “myBlee Math” and feel that this represents our brand to the fullest. Our goal, with every lesson and every exercise, is to give students their best math lesson ever.

myBlee Math Team

The Product

alt myBlee Math is very active with Newsletters and on LinkedIn. Currently we’re building up our reputation on Facebook and Twitter. We offer reductions, free printable versions on myBlee Math’s exercises, contests, etc. to motivate users and create buzz. alt Our goal is to have a stronger presence in the US and on the International scene and we hope to continue helping teachers and schools shape the future through innovative and interactive learning.

The Testimonial

“I discovered myBlee Math after a recommendation from another school in the US. We’re currently installing the application in all three languages (French, English and Spanish) for our elementary classes and as of right now I fully support the application and the commitment of the myBlee Math Team. Whether it be the first presentation, the teacher training sessions or tech support, they’ve been there to guide us step-by-step. Thank you myBlee Math!”

Mehdi Lazar
School Principal
Dallas International School

“I was impressed by what my students were able to do using myBlee Math and by their appetite when using this app.”

Philippe Dietz
International School of the Peninsula, Palo Alto

“ISTP conducted a two-month pilot using myBlee Math across all grades of the elementary school. The teachers used myBlee Math in the classrooms on a regular basis. After two months, teachers want to continue using myBlee Math next year. It was therefore decided that myBlee Math would be our main digital educational tool for elementary math.
Now that myBlee Math has been used across all grades and in every classroom for more than a year, our teachers cannot imagine teaching without it. They’ve noticed stronger progress by their students when using myBlee Math.”

Veronique Merckling
Middle-School Math Teacher, Technology Coordinator
ISTP, Palo Alto

“Thank you for everything, and particularly for your unusual but remarkable marketing approach. It does stick to my mind. I am interested to find out how it works for you in the long run, but it seems that the five people involved will carry along trust with a personal twist for the myBlee Math product in their next assignments.”

Dominique Velociter
Lyceum Kennedy, NYC

“My kindergarten students love myBlee Math! Each student can work at their pace with exercises that are diverse and motivating. The children are always excited when they win a trophy at the end of each module.
I use myBlee during group work (15-20 min per group) or in addition to a traditional math class. Instructions are always given orally (headphones are highly recommended), which is fantastic for my kindergarten students who are still learning and developing their reading skills. The pictures and the design of the app is very well done and quite frankly, makes my students want to dive right into the world of Math!”

Virginie Basset
Kindergarten Teacher
LFSF, San Francisco

“As the number of educational applications increases, choosing an application to use in class has never been so difficult. myBlee Math perfectly combines the efficacy of daily use with an intuitive evolution of its program. Teachers no longer need to lose precious time searching for exercises and applications because myBlee Math does it all!”

Thierry Le Roux
Technology Coordinator
Rochambeau International School, Washington

Because Every Cent Counts

PledgeCents Team

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