[Press Release] PledgeCents and LearnEd Notebooks Partner to Bring Science Classroom to Life

The partnership aims to bring access to the LearnEd Notebooks curriculum through the PledgeCents Marketplace.

Philadelphia, PA – August 10, 2017 With budget cuts increasingly impacting education, solutions specifically targeted to offer opportunities for students to engage with hands-on science are more important than ever. PledgeCents’ newest partner, LearnEd Notebooks, is on a mission to improve organization and student engagement in science classrooms to allow educators to break free from conventional methods of instruction and spend more time on labs and experiments. LearnEd Notebooks’ curriculum, now available through the PledgeCents Marketplace, provides educators the framework of an interactive notebook with flexible teaching strategies that can be easily integrated with their current teaching style. The partnership enables teachers and parents to gain access to LearnEd Notebooks by helping to offset the cost and ensure the students can experience the benefits immediately.

“For more of our students to find science intellectually stimulating and allow for their creativity to flourish, it is especially important for them to have ample time working with their hands,” said Andyshea Saberioon, CEO and co-founder of PledgeCents. “The LearnEd Notebooks team has created a solution for teachers to free up class time that is currently spent on textbook-based instruction for actual experimentation. We are excited to join LearnEd Notebooks in ensuring that science teachers are able to help nurture a passion for science in their classrooms.“

Through the partnership, teachers and schools will be able to utilize PledgeCents to seamlessly generate a fundraising page to cover the cost of LearnEd Notebooks including printed student notebooks, digital presentations, and access to teacher resources. The PledgeCents team works with each fundraiser to help raise the necessary funds and will purchase the plan immediately after the fundraiser ends and also connect the teacher to a member of LearnEd Notebooks’ team to expedite the process. Anyone interested can visit https://www.pledgecents.com/signup/event/learned to create their own page today.

“LearnEd Notebooks allows teachers to provide the concepts of science in a fun and engaging way to their students,” says Rachel Miller, head of the curriculum team at LearnEd Notebooks. “We know teachers spend so much of their time creating content for their students but with our curriculum, it’s ready to go. This allows teachers to focus on all the other parts of their job.”

Representatives from organizations interested in learning more about the program can visit www.pledgecents.com or email info@pledgecents.com and info@learnednotebooks.com with any questions.

About PledgeCents, Inc

PledgeCents is the preferred fundraising platform for all PreK-12 needs. By allowing anyone to raise funds, PledgeCents aims to eliminate the $1.6 billion teachers annually spend out-of-pocket for basic classroom needs. Over 1,800 schools representing over 250 public school districts in 50 states work to raise funds through the PledgeCents platform. With the addition of the Preferred Partner Program last year, PledgeCents has partnered with over 65 leading education technology companies to help schools and teachers receive access to the tools they need but cannot afford. For more information please visit: www.pledgecents.com or email info@pledgecents.com with any questions.

About LearnEd Notebooks

LearnEd Notebooks is a curriculum company that provides teachers and students with an innovative notebooking solution. Our goal is to bridge the gap between the traditional classroom and the classrooms of the future by combining ready-made student notebooks, online presentations and teacher resources. Our programs free up class time, providing teachers and students the chance to break free from conventional methods of instruction and spend more time on labs and inquiry-based science.

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If you have any questions, email us at info@pledgecents.com.

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