[Press Release] PledgeCents and Squirrels LLC Partner to Make Edtech More Engaging and Collaboration More Accessible to Students

The partnership aims to bring access to Squirrels through the PledgeCents Marketplace.

Philadelphia, PA – September 21, 2017 Implementing technology in the classroom can sometimes have the effect of creating insular learning environments where students and teachers are tethered by their devices. Squirrels, the newest addition to the list of PledgeCents’ partners, creates technology that promotes freedom of movement and collaboration in the classroom. Reflector 2, now available through the PledgeCents Marketplace, is a budget friendly, easy-to-use solution that makes sharing ideas and engaging students effortless. It allows teachers to untether from the desk or podium and display Chromebook™, iOS™ or Android™ screens wirelessly from anywhere in the classroom. The partnership enables teachers and parents to gain access to all Squirrels products by helping to minimize the costs required to get these tools.

“Screen casting is a dynamic solution that is being used in the consumer market and in the private sector to increase collaboration and more efficiently share ideas, and there’s an amazing opportunity for teachers to leverage this same technology in their classrooms through Squirrels’ innovative technologies,” said Andyshea Saberioon, CEO and co-founder of PledgeCents. “Squirrels is constantly developing cutting-edge technology that improves the learning experience for students across the country. We are excited to join them in helping provide access to a solution where teachers can be free from their desks and workstations to create a more free-flowing and engaging environment.“

Through the partnership, teachers and schools will be able to utilize PledgeCents to seamlessly generate a fundraising page to cover the cost of Reflector 2, AirParrot 2, AirParrot Chrome OS or ClassHub. The PledgeCents team works with each fundraiser to help raise the necessary funds during the fundraiser. After the fundraiser ends, PledgeCents will purchase the plan immediately and connect the teacher to a member of Squirrels’ team to expedite the process. Anyone interested can visit https://www.pledgecents.com/signup/event/squirrels to create their own page today.

"Our PledgeCents partnership is among a number of recent partnerships we’ve formed to make our classroom technology more accessible to those who need it most," Squirrels co-founder Andrew Gould said. "It’s no secret that education budgets are tight. With the help of PledgeCents, it will be easier for individual teachers or entire schools to acquire our leading wireless collaboration and device management technology."

Representatives from organizations interested in learning more about the program can contact press@pledgecents.com or press@airsquirrels.com for more information.

About PledgeCents, Inc.

PledgeCents is the preferred fundraising platform for all PreK-12 needs. By allowing anyone to raise funds, PledgeCents aims to eliminate the $1.6 billion teachers annually spend out-of-pocket for basic classroom needs. Over 2,000 schools representing over 250 public school districts in 50 states work to raise funds through the PledgeCents platform. With the addition of the Preferred Partner Program last year, PledgeCents has partnered with over 70 leading education technology companies to help schools and teachers receive access to the tools they need but cannot afford. For more information please visit: www.pledgecents.com or email info@pledgecents.com with any questions.

About Squirrels

Squirrels LLC makes wireless screen-mirroring and device-monitoring software used in over 100,000 classrooms. Its solutions range from cost-effective mirroring apps to advanced classroom operations software. Educators and administrators use Squirrels technology to wirelessly view, manage and display classroom iPads, Chromebooks, Android devices, Surface Pros, Macs and Windows devices. Squirrels products include Reflector 2, ClassHub, Ditto and AirParrot 2. More information can be found at http://airsquirrels.com.

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If you have any questions, email us at info@pledgecents.com.

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