[Press Release] PledgeCents and Macie Publishing Company partner to increase access to high quality resources for music classrooms across the country

The partnership brings access to Macie Publishing Company's Recorder Curriculum and Kingsley Recorders through the PledgeCents Marketplace.

Philadelphia, PA – September 29, 2017 Music shapes and influences young lives in a way that no other subject matter can. PledgeCents’ newest partner, Macie Publishing Company, is dedicated to providing teachers and students with high quality recorders and music curriculum materials which make learning music engaging and enjoyable. A variety of Macie Publishing resources including Kingsley Recorders and a new interactive, online recorder program are now available through the PledgeCents Marketplace. The partnership enables teachers, PTAs and music support groups to gain access to these products through the PledgeCents fundraising platform.

“The music classroom is a place where students are able to express themselves while engaging in a subject that has so many lifelong benefits,” said Andyshea Saberioon, CEO and co-founder of PledgeCents. Founded by Ed Sueta, “Macie Publishing Company has a 43 year history of creating a classroom experience where learning a new instrument is an enjoyable experience for young students. We are excited to join Macie in ensuring that teachers are able to provide their students with high quality recorders and music resources.“

Through the partnership, teachers and schools will be able to utilize PledgeCents to seamlessly generate a fundraising page to cover the cost of Macie Publishing curriculum materials and Kingsley Recorders. The PledgeCents team works with each fundraiser to help raise the necessary funds and will purchase the plan immediately after the fundraiser ends and also connect the teacher to a member of Macie’s team to expedite the process. Interested teachers and organizations can visit https://www.pledgecents.com/signup/event/macie to create their own page today. There is no risk in trying to raise funds and all administrative costs are rolled into the fundraising goal so there are no out of pocket expenses.

“We are extremely pleased to be partnering with PledgeCents. One of the biggest challenges that I encountered as a teacher and that teachers continue to face today is the lack of funding. We are excited that our partnership with PledgeCents will make our recorders and curriculum materials more available to the thousands of dedicated teachers facing budgetary challenges,” said Ed Sueta, the founder of Macie Publishing Company, a music teacher for over thirty years and nationally acclaimed clinician.

Representatives from organizations interested in learning more about the program can contact press@pledgecents.com or info@maciepublishing.com for more information.

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