[Press Release] PledgeCents and Edcite Partner to Engage Students with Interactive Digital Practice

PledgeCentsTM bring access to Edcite Schools through the PledgeCents Marketplace.

Philadelphia, PA – October 18, 2017 - With schools and districts increasing their focus on data-driven instruction, it is critical for them to have a platform that enables the creation and delivery of assessments efficiently.

PledgeCents’ newest partner, Edcite, brings their common assessment platform Edcite Schools to the PledgeCents Marketplace. With this, schools and districts now have an easy way to engage their students with high-quality digital assessments that give all stakeholders immediate data. PledgeCents’ partnership with Edcite helps schools and districts offset the cost of Edcite Schools so that they can bring this platform into more classrooms across the country.

“We are seeing more and more schools track data on student growth and achievement throughout the school year, which means teachers are taking more time creating and grading assessments and communicating results with students,” said Andyshea Saberioon, CEO and co-founder of PledgeCents. “We were impressed with the ease that teachers are able to create engaging digital assignments for their students on Edcite. The ability to share these assignments across classrooms and schools, and then organize all of the data they collect in a variety of reports by class, student or question with ease allows for immediate actionable insights. We are excited to join Edcite in ensuring that teachers are able to create and share high quality lessons for their classroom.”

Through the partnership, schools/districts will be able to utilize PledgeCents to seamlessly generate a fundraising page to cover their cost of Edcite Schools. The PledgeCents team works with each fundraiser to help raise the necessary funds and will purchase Edcite Schools immediately after the fundraiser ends. Anyone interested can visit https://www.pledgecents.com/signup/event/edcite to create their own page today.

“Teachers need tools to measure student engagement and learning. Small and frequent online assessments, whether in class or as homework, allow teachers to see how well students are doing, and let students know when they’ve learned the material. We’re proud to partner with PledgeCents to ensure that our platform serves the needs of the largest number of teachers and students,” said Tony Thomas, founder of Edcite.

Representatives from organizations interested in learning more about the program can contact press@pledgecents.com or schools@edcite.com for more information.

About PledgeCents, Inc.

The new PledgeCents is the preferred fundraising platform for community needs. By supporting community needs across faith, health, youth athletics, education and others, PledgeCents provides a trusted platform that can support all of your community needs in one place. Over 2,500 choose PledgeCents to raise funds for their community needs. Within education, PledgeCents has partnered with over 70 leading education technology companies to help schools and teachers receive access to the tools they need but cannot afford. For more information about using PledgeCents for you community fundraising need, please visit: www.pledgecents.com or email info@pledgecents.com with any questions.

About Edcite

Edcite enables teachers to create high-quality, easily customizable, interactive content to fit their students’ needs. Our mission is to improve teacher efficacy and student learning through an engaging digital experience. We address a critical issue for students who are unfamiliar with online standardized assessments. This lack of familiarity limits students' ability to adequately demonstrate their learning and can affect their progress through the K12 system. Currently, over 125,000 teachers and 1.5 million students have signed up for Edcite. For more information, please visit us at www.edcite.com/lp/es.


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