[Press Release] PledgeCents and Newsela partner to help schools engage their students in reading through today’s news

PledgeCentsTM and Newsela partner to help schools engage their students in reading through today’s news

Philadelphia, PA – February 26, 2018 - Reading is incredibly important in the educational development of children, but many parents and teachers are continuously searching for engaging material that is both enriching and entertaining. PledgeCents’ newest partner, Newsela, is meeting that need through their instructional platform which provides a library of real world content tailored to the reading level of each student. Through the partnership, teachers and parents can now purchase Newsela PRO to access all of the premium content and tools through the PledgeCents Marketplace. The partnership enables teachers to gain access to Newsela PRO with over 6,000 articles and assessments for every subject from over 40 notable content providers like National Geographic, The Washington Post and others.

“Our team has been watching Newsela’s work since first being introduced to the free daily articles they provide years ago,” said Andyshea Saberioon, CEO and co-founder of PledgeCents. “After seeing the content first hand, we were amazed by how they’ve created a way for reading to be not only entertaining, but also relevant to the issues we see in the news as adults everyday. It’s so important for our future to learn early on the power of reading and what better way than by helping students start conversations about the world they are growing up in. We are excited to partner with the great team behind one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies of 2018 and help more schools bring their great platform into their classrooms.”

Through the partnership, teachers and schools will be able to utilize PledgeCents to seamlessly generate a fundraising page to cover the cost of Nesela’s premium license, Newsela PRO, by selecting an option that fits their needs. The PledgeCents team works with each fundraiser to help raise the necessary funds and will purchase the plan immediately after the fundraiser ends and also connect the teacher to a member of Newsela’s team to expedite the process. Anyone interested can visit https://www.pledgecents.com/signup/event/newsela to create their own page today.

“After receiving many requests from teachers and administrators for Newsela to become available on Pledgecents, we couldn’t be more excited to provide another option for educators across the country to access Newsela PRO. Pledgecents has built an easy-to-use platform complemented by an incredibly simple partner model that makes working with them a no-brainer. We can’t wait to work with and support the teachers that fundraise for Newsela via Pledgecents,” said Lyman Missimer, Head of Business Development.

Representatives from organizations interested in learning more about the program can contact press@pledgecents.com or bd@newsela.com for more information.

About PledgeCents, Inc.

PledgeCents is the preferred fundraising platform for all PreK-12 needs. By allowing anyone to raise funds, PledgeCents aims to eliminate the $1.6 billion teachers annually spend out-of-pocket for basic classroom needs. Over 2,000 schools representing over 250 public school districts in 50 states work to raise funds through the PledgeCents platform. With the addition of the Preferred Partner Program in 2016, PledgeCents has partnered with over 80 leading education technology companies to help schools and teachers receive access to the tools they need but cannot afford. For more information please visit: www.pledgecents.com or email info@pledgecents.com with any questions.

About Newsela

Newsela is an Instructional Content Platform that brings together engaging, accessible content with integrated assessments and insights to supercharge reading engagement and learning in every subject.

It starts with dynamic, game-changing content from premier sources like the Washington Post, Smithsonian, and Biography.com—covering topics students care about. Every article comes in 5 reading levels, tailored to the skill level of each reader.

Assessments are integrated directly into articles to help students engage with the content and to give teachers and principals actionable insights on students’ activity and behavior that can be used to improve learning outcomes. For more, visit www.newsela.com.


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