5 New Year's Resolutions for Teachers

The new year is a fantastic opportunity to make a "fresh start", even when you are technically in the middle of the school year. It's never too late to change things up to benefit both you and your students. We're sharing our top 5 suggestions for Teacher New Year's Resolutions compiled by the educators on our team and some friends in the field. We hope that perhaps these will enourage you and provide inspiration for small changes you can make to support yourself and your students ♥

1. Treat Yo'self!!!
For real, though. It doesn't have to be a fancy spa day... it can be making the time to read a book for pleasure, going for a walk, getting coffee with a friend, binge watching your favorite Netflix show... anything that brings you joy and allows you to R E L A X without worrying about anything school-related! Another fun way to treat yourself throughout the school day is to stash little treats in your desk, pack a lunch that you'll look forward to enjoying, keep your favorite hand lotion on your desk, or even keep a stash of your favorite tea bags and your favorite much close by so that you can sip during your planning period (hoping that you get one!).

2. Refresh your Space!
Got a lot of classroom clutter? (We bet ya do because... well, you're a teacher and we all do!) Take some time to bag up anything that is outdated or not being used and donate it to charity or another classroom that may benefit (or toss it right into the trash if it is time!) Don't forget to take advantage of post-holiday sales to snag some new organization and storage solutions. Check out some of the partners in our Preferred Partner Marketplace who may have special promotions happening as well! As always, you can create your own page to raise $$$ for purchasing storage solutions in a matter of seconds!

3. Be Present.
Remember those teachable moments? Run with them! Take the time to laugh, explore, and learn with your kiddos even when it strays from the lesson plan. They will (and so will you!) remember these experiences more than anything. Find and make time to listen to the stories and silly jokes, even when you are pressed for time. You're in this profession for a reason... don't ever lose that spark! ♥

4. Don't Work Harder... Work SMARTER!
Take the time to evaluate how the classroom has been functioning during the first portion of the year... what can you do to make things easier on yourself? What can you do to give more power to your students and at the same time relieve some of the stress placed upon your shoulders? A great way to do this is to allow more choice! Giving kiddos structured choices, especially when based upon skills they already have acquired and need to fine tune, allows them to feel more ownership over thier work. Also, you can include your kiddos in preparation for various projects by providing them opportunities to work together as a team. The opportunities for cross-curricular education are endless and can truly be integrated into any activity!

5. Stop Being so Hard on Yourself!
You really are your worst critic.... as we all tend to be! Don't let those thoughts get to you, especially when times feel stressful. Remember, you don't need to be a perfect teacher. You simply need to be the best teacher that you can be in this moment. You are always learning and growing, just like your students. Model and live this #GrowthMindset and strive to be better each day without over criticizing yourself and the amazing work that you are doing! When you have a day that didn't seem to go the best? LET IT GO! There is always a new day to contininue the growth and learning. :)

Of course we don't expect you to make each of these items your personal new year's resolutions... but we hope that this provided some inspiration for small changes you can make to support you and your students as you to continue to grow throughout the new year! Wishing you health, happiness, and continued growth in 2020!

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